Frequently Asked Questions About Snow Removal & Ice Management

Should I use Snow Plus?

An initial meeting on your site to determine your needs/expectations will be the best answer to this question. If these align with what we can do for you the answer is yes, and we should move towards possibly entering into a business partnership.

When should I begin planning for snow removal services for the upcoming winter?

Everyone starts their snow and ice management planning at different times. We always recommend starting it as early as possible. The best way to start is to identify your “wants” and your “needs” within your organization. This spans everything from snow tolerances to contract structure. The best way to start is to ask a lot of questions and ensure you are working with a partner that wants to work with you all year round to ensure you always have what you need!

What are some common Winter 'Weather' Terms?

  • Freezing Rain – rain that freezes when it hits the ground creating ice
  • Sleet – rain that turns into ice pellets prior to hitting the ground. Can cause moisture on the lots to be slippery.
  • Blowing Snow – high winds that cause snow to be lifted and moved across lots or sidewalks.
  • Drifting Snow – continual high winds that cause snow to pile in certain areas. Typically happens in corners of buildings or loading docks.
  • Winter Storm Watch – a winter storm is possible in your area.
  • Winter Storm Warning – a winter is occurring or will occur soon in your area.
  • Winter Weather Advisory – Winter weather conditions are expected to cause significant inconveniences and may be hazardous.
  • Blizzard Warning – sustained winds or gusts to 35 miles per hour or greater and considerable amounts of falling or blowing snow are expected to prevail for a period of 3 hours or longer.

What is the minimum amount of snow you will remove off a property?

There is no minimum amount of snow that we will clear. If you designate that you always want “wet pavement” on your property, we will do that!

What amount of snow and ice accumulation should I specify for plowing to begin?

This really comes down to your “snow tolerance”. For many of our medical facilities, we begin clearing snow at ¼” or less and will continue to clear until the winter event has ended. For other sites, we may not begin clearing snow until 1″ of snow has fallen. It is really at the discretion of the customer; however better than 95% of our customers want to start having their snow cleared at 1″ or less to help decrease liability exposure.

What time of day do you remove the snow from my property?

We will remove snow from your property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays. That means, as soon as your snow level on your property meets your designated trigger, you can count on Snow Plus to be there to clear your property to ensure it is safe for your employees, customers and vendors.

Are you able to clear city and facility sidewalks?

We are able to clear any/all types of walks at your facility. We utilize several different types of snow clearing equipment to ensure that the snow is removed both efficiently and safely. We often customize the clearing plan with the customer so they are confident that the machines utilized at their facilities meet their exact needs.

What type of equipment should my snow contractor be using on my property?

There are a lot of different types of snow removal equipment, and new technology is coming out every year. The right equipment for your site will vary based on the size and complexity of the snow removal and ice control area that you would like serviced. Once we identify that area, we will provide recommendations to ensure you get exactly what you need to meet your expectations.

How can I be more accurate in my snow removal budgeting process?

Budgeting for snow and ice management doesn’t have to be a challenge. Snow Plus offers several different contract options to help you simplify the budgeting process. Once we determine your needs, we will help you determine which option will work best for you.

What types of contracts does Snow Plus offer?

Snow Plus offers a variety of variable and fixed rate agreements that can be tailored in several ways, whether you prefer variable “pay as you go” agreements, or single/tiered seasonal agreements, Snow Plus will customize an agreement that best fits your needs. We also provide weekly and monthly billing programs.

Which contract is best for me?

Some partners like variable agreements (per push or time and material) that allow you to pay for your snow and ice management “as you go”. With these types of agreements, you pay a little less in lighter winters and a little more in heavier winters.

Other partners prefer a flat rate seasonal agreement. These agreements offer a single or tiered price for the entire season. These types of agreements allow for more accurate snow budgeting, as the agreement is paid in even increments over the 5-6 months of the winter season and then reconciled at the end of the year depending on the type of agreement you choose.

There really isn’t one type of contract that is better than another one. It truly comes down to customer preference. Snow Plus will work with you to determine which agreement works best to fit your needs.

What are the start and end dates of my contract?

The majority of Snow Plus agreements start on November 15th and run through the following April 15th. If it does snow prior to a season starting or after a season has ended Snow Plus may charge on a time and material basis for service or whatever you may have negotiated with your snow & ice management representative.

When should I sign my contract?

You should sign your contract as soon as you have any/all your questions answered and you feel comfortable that Snow Plus is going to bring you the value you are looking for in a snow and ice management partner.

Do you offer any discounts?

Snow Plus provides exceptional value with a snow and ice management plan that is customized for your individual site or portfolio of properties. Every plan is built from the ground up and evaluated based on the needs of the individual or organization.

Do you accept credit card and/or online payments?

Snow Plus is happy to accept your check, credit card or EFT payments for any of your snow removal invoices.

How can I be assured that my potential liability is minimized?

The best way to ensure your liability is minimized is to partner with a reputable snow and ice management company who closely monitors and plans for EVERY weather event and communicates this information proactively.

Do you fix any damage that is caused during the winter?

Snow Plus will do a comprehensive walk-through with you prior to the start of each season. During this time we will discuss the entire snow and ice management plan. In addition, Snow Plus will photo-document any pre-existing damage at your facility. If after the winter we determine that there is damage that was caused due to snow management operations, Snow Plus will repair that damage at no cost to you.