Commercial Snow Plowing and Ice Removal Contract Types

Commercial snow and ice removal is impacted by thousands of variables, so it is critical to be working with an industry expert. Snow Plus has the knowledge and experience to help custom build a snow and ice management program unique to your needs to deliver value not found in other providers.

When Should I Sign My Commercial Snow Plowing Contract?

You should sign your contract as soon as you have any/all your questions answered and you feel comfortable that Snow Plus is going to bring you the value you are looking for in a snow and ice management partner.

Per Push

Our Per Push contract is a variable cost agreement where you are serviced and billed each time that services are performed. The flat rate costs are based off the appropriate equipment needed to service the area and the number of inches of snow cleared at the time of the services being provided. If a customer prefers a variable versus a set expense for their snow and ice management, then this would be the best option since it is billed based on service occurrence.

Additional Information: Per Push pricing is built on historical averages. If it snows during the day, Snow Plus will come to clear as much snow as possible. Once the commercial site has been serviced, Snow Plus will leave; but will likely come back to “clean as much as possible” due to cars in the parking lot after the end of the storm and after business hours when a “complete clearing” can be done best.


A Seasonal contract is a fixed price, annual service agreement between Snow Plus and the customer. Any extra services, such as haul outs or on-site relocations, are not included in the seasonal price. This contract tends to be chosen by customers who prefer knowing total cost in advance since it consists of five equal payments, one each month from November to March. These contracts will have blizzard contingencies for extreme weather conditions. In addition, they will have a rebate for winters less severe.

Time and Material (T&M)

Our Time and Material contract is a variable price agreement where the customer pays for the actual time that each piece of equipment or laborer is working on site and amount of materials that are needed to perform the services that are completed. Many of our customers that have large properties that may not need servicing of all areas at the same level as well as customers who want their properties to stay as close to “wet pavement” as possible, sign this type of contract. There are typically dedicated pieces of equipment and crews assigned to these sites.

Additional Information: With T&M, the pieces of equipment used have their own hourly rate along with the material having its own usage rate. It is billed based off the amount of time and material that is used for a specific event.